Sunday, 20 October 2013

Some Prussians

Thought I'd show some photos of some figures. I painted these Prussians for the Leipzig game we had yesterday (AAR to come soon). I was just putting the figures away and thought I'd take some pics to show a couple of figure manufacturers. Forgive the poor photo quality. It's something I'll have to work on.

Here are some Napoleon at War figures. They are nice figures and easy to paint. It's also nice to buy a whole brigade in one box as there is no figure wastage. The only problem is they are big. A lot of my collection is made of 18mm figures, ABs, Blue Moon etc. But these are bigger than those.

Here are some Blue Moon figures with Essex figures out front as the skirmishers. Again, lovely figures and really easy to paint.

Here is a base of Napoleon at War figures next to a base of Blue moon. You can clearly see the size difference.

I won't say one is better than the other as they are both nice figure makes. The problem is I'd started collecting figures long before Napoleon at War (N@W) started releasing figures so most of my collection looks small next to them. If I was starting from scratch I'd certainly consider the N@W figures but i do like to use a range of manufacturers so I'm not sure I will get many more N@W figures. It's a shame though.


  1. Nice looking Prussians. I don't do the scale, but the same thing happens when comparing, say Front Rank "28's" (closer to 35mm!) with, say Old Glory. As long as they stay in their own units, it still works out reasonably well.

  2. I agree. Few manufacturers match perfectly but once on the table somehow the differences even out.