Saturday, 1 March 2014

Making Trees

I've not posted for a while. So I thought I'd share this quick technique for making trees. Whilst out walking some time ago I picked up some moss type stuff I found on the ground. I thought it looked good for terrain and used it occasionally for bushes on the table.

Then the other day I saw a guy on you tube making some trees out of moss bought at a flower shop. I thought it looked similar to the stuff I'd picked up off the ground. Anyhow I thought I'd give it a go and thought the results looked pretty effective.

They were incredibly quick and easy to make so here's how.

Collect some twigs, ideally with a fork shape.

Collect your moss.

With a hot glue gun simply stick the moss to the twig.

Get a washer or 2p coin.

I increased the width of the base of the twig with glue.

Then used the hot glue gun to stick the twig to the washer. I was deliberately messy to give the washer some texture.

Paint the base. As the glue dries super fast you can do this immediately.

While the paint is wet add flock and leaf debris.

As I was experimenting I only made a few but will certainly make more. They literally took a few minutes to make.

I'd been making trees using woodland scenic stuff but these trees are much easier, quicker and definitely cheaper. So next time your out for a walk keep a look out for the moss.

Have a go. It's worth the little bit of effort.

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